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Num relato apaixonado sobre o prazer de viajar através de caminhadas de longa distância, Evelien da revista de viagens online ‘Say Yes to New Adventures’ leva-nos a caminhar e a sentir o Trilho dos Pescadores de Porto Covo a Odeceixe. Ao longo destes dias, a Vicentina Transfers esteve sempre lado a lado, levando a bagagem entre alojamentos. Que enorme prazer, termos ajudado a tornar esta viagem inesquecível.

Leia o artigo completo, aproveite as dicas e informações práticas e inspire-se. Não há nada melhor que andar a pé, a sério! E se for na Rota Vicentina é meio caminho para mudar a sua vida, para sempre.

// On a passionate account about the pleasure of travelling through long distance hiking, Evelien, from the online magazine ‘Say Yes to New Adventures’ takes us on a hike from Porto Covo to Odeceixe, to feel the Fishermen's Trail . Along these days, Vicentina Transfers was always by their side, bringing the luggage between accommodations. It was a great pleasure to be able to help making this adventure unforgettable.

Read the full article, use all the tips and practical information and get inspired. There is nothing best in travelling than doing it on foot, really! And if you do it on Rota Vicentina you'll be able to discover an amazing region.

“…we are carrying only our day packs with some essentials, as we had arranged for our main luggage to be transported by Vicentina Transfers, a local company that arranges luggage transfer along the entire trail.

“Each section of the trail runs between villages, which means that at the end of each hiking day you will arrive somewhere where you can sleep in a proper bed and have a good meal, and buy supplies for your next day. With the added benefit of a luggage transfer service that transports your heavy bag for you every day all you need to do is tie up your hiking boots, sling on your day pack and start walking!”

How can I arrange a luggage transfer on the Fisherman’s Trail?

I can highly recommend the services of Vicentina Transfers. This local company, owned by a super nice guy called José who is an avid hiker himself and knows very well the needs of walkers, can pick up and deliver your bag at any point along the trail every day. This is brilliant because it allows you to walk with only the essentials in your day pack, making it much lighter (José’s motto is Walk Free!) I personally love to use a luggage transfer service because it allows me to put a fresh shirt on my back every evening and bring a book, a second pair of shoes and all my toiletries and much more without having to carry it on my back all day. It makes the walk so much easier and more enjoyable.

How it works: let José know your itinerary, then leave your bag at your accommodation at 09:30 at the latest each morning. While you are walking, José will pick it up and bring it to your next accommodation no later than 16:30 (but usually earlier). Effectively this means that each afternoon when you arrive at your next guesthouse your luggage is already there waiting for you.

It is a service of great value that is aimed at serving the independent hiker. The cost of a bag per section is € 15 (or € 10 if you use the service for four sections or more), and if you wish to add a second bag it’s only € 5. That means that if you are walking as two persons, you pay just € 7.50 per person per day to walk free and not have to carry a heavy bag through the loose sands of the dunes. You can book the service (using the online booking form) either for your entire trek or just for one day just to try it out. Go for it and you won’t regret it. José was the hero of our trek!”


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